MSN AutoTrader

Version 0.7
Released: Sep 5, 2022
Quantum Leading, Powerful, Advanced Python-based Auto Trader for Signal Automation Trading, and Secured Deployment of Automated Trading Systems

Project description

MSN AutoTrader

MSN Auto Trader is a Python-based Advanced protocol designed to aid in the quantum development of Automated signals, optimization, and daily deployment of automated trading using Advanced AI and Professional Algorithm to stimulate the market for traders automatically to increase portfolio profit. MSN Auto Tarder requires a basic understanding of Python, but the protocol is not limited to any trader so far, because we have implemented the same automatic benchmark where you can automate real Professional traders to manage and maintain MSN Auto trader on your behalf.

  • Latest News

  • Version 0.7 has been released, which includes integrations with the Allixtrade exchange. There are also many more powerful upgrades.
  • AutoTrader was mentioned in Yahoo Finance recent article, Top Crypto Auto Trader Open-Source Projects on Github.
  • Features

  • Advanced, Secured and Reliable Backtesting are supported by this feature-rich trading simulator mode. Before going live, you can use the 'virtual broker' to test your strategies in a risk-free, simulated environment. MSN AutoTrader has more than enough features to build a profitable trading system, including the ability to simulate multiple order types, stop-losses and take-profits, cross-exchange arbitrage, and portfolio strategies.
  • Data feeds that are integrated to make OHLC data retrieval as simple as possible.
  • Bokeh-based automated interactive visualization.
  • Custom indicator library.
  • Multiple venues are supported for live trading.
  • Detailed documentation and Demo Tutorials.
  • Repository of example strategies.
  • Demo Trading Enabled.
  • Manual Account Management Support Embedded.

Note: If you do not understand programming at any level, do not worry; we have implemented an Automatic Live Chat support system below to provide you with real-time assistance from one of our developers for the already made and set up protocol for everyone. Please feel free to communicate


MSN Auto Trader has extensive documentation both in codes and on "Read the Docs". There is also a comprehensive walk through, which covers everything from strategy concept to live trading.

Backtest Demo

The chart below is the result of a backtest of the MACD trend strategy as described in the tutorials (and available in the demo repository). MACD crossovers define entry signals, and a 1.5 risk-to-reward ratio defines exit targets. Stop-losses are automatically placed using the custom swing detection indicator, and position sizes are calculated dynamically based on risk percentages defined in the strategy configuration. Running this strategy in backtest mode with MSN Auto Trader yields the interactive chart below

Take note that the stop loss and take profit levels for each trade are displayed. This allows you to see how effective your exit strategy is - are you getting stopped out too soon by placing your stop losses too close together? Are you passing up potentially profitable trades because your take profit is too far away? MSN Auto Trader can assist you in visualizing your strategy and answering these questions.


License: Legal Backtest Demo MSN Auto Trader is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 By MSN Finance


This platform and Software has completed its "software checker" analysis and is suitable for trading and should be considered stable for live trading. Before going live, always test your strategies on a paper trading demo account to avoid losses.